Professional – Best Feature Film

Mark Schlichter Alfons Jitterbit – Countdown to Chaos (Germany)

Professional – Best Feature Animated Film

David Reynolds, Stephen Cookson Louisa, An Amazing Adventure (United Kingdom)

Professional – Best Director

Songkai Li Saving the Earth1——Devil rebirth (China)

Professional – Best Cinematography

Sisi Li, Xiaoxin Zeng The Bamboo Hat (China)

Professional – Best Screenwriter

Magdalena Nieć & Katarzyna Gacek Black Mill (Poland)

Professional – Best Narrative Short

Sven Knüppel, Mathis Menneking The Balloonmurderer (Germany)

Professional – Best Short Animated Film

Marat Narimanov Nestling (Russia)

Professional – Best Feature Documentary

Igor Gladkov A letter to the descendants (Russia)

Professional – Best Short Documentary

Pia Strømme Charlie Surfer (Norway)

Professional – TV Pilot / Web Series

Kyle Lawrence No Internet (Canada)

Professional – Best Music Video

Rafael Vidal Altabert, Julián Gómez Caballero Agapito (Spain)

Best Narrative Short Film Ages 13-18

Ksenia Astakhova Pizza (Russia)

Best Narrative Short Film Ages 12 and under

Sang-Chul Park What I want to say to you (Soth Korea)

Best Animation/Stop Motion Short Film Ages 13-18

Bára Anna Stejskalová Love Is Just a Death Away (Czech Republic)

Best Animation/Stop Motion Short Film Ages 12 and under

Creativa Space Mermaid (Estonia)

Best Web Series Ages 13-18

Maxime Chefdeville Resistance (France)

Best Documentary Short Film Ages 13-18

Nestor Kabachenko Zoomers (Russia)