Best Feature Film

Stojan Vujicic STELA Macedonia

Best Short Narrative Film

Olya Azhnakina Apple Tree Russia

Best Student Short

Henry Zhinin The Jungle Tale – An Ordinary Life Until… United States

Best Feature Documentary

Tomás Lipgot Clarita´s Universe Argentina

Best Short Documentary

Carmen Morrow, Zach Wolf The Dukha United States

Best Short Animated Film

Kim Hagen Jensen Little Frog Denmark

Best TV Pilot / Web Series

Wei-Zhi Chen Iron Farmer Taiwan

Best Music Video

Yaroslav Bulavin Little Somebody Russia

Best Mobile Short Film (Cinematic)

Shuaixian Chen Family Heirloom China

Best Director

Kenny Gage, Devon Downs Kung Fu Girl China

Best Cinematography

Aruan Anartayev Warm lake Kazakhstan

Best Narrative Short Film Ages 13 – 18

Yaroslav Schcerbinin Flowering cold Russia

Best Animation/Stop Motion Short Film Ages 12 and under

Raghad Musa Salem Odeh What are you afraid of? United Arab Emirates


Professional – Best Feature Film

Mark Schlichter Alfons Jitterbit – Countdown to Chaos (Germany)

Professional – Best Feature Animated Film

David Reynolds, Stephen Cookson Louisa, An Amazing Adventure (United Kingdom)

Professional – Best Director

Songkai Li Saving the Earth1——Devil rebirth (China)

Professional – Best Cinematography

Sisi Li, Xiaoxin Zeng The Bamboo Hat (China)

Professional – Best Screenwriter

Magdalena Nieć & Katarzyna Gacek Black Mill (Poland)

Professional – Best Narrative Short

Sven Knüppel, Mathis Menneking The Balloonmurderer (Germany)

Professional – Best Short Animated Film

Marat Narimanov Nestling (Russia)

Professional – Best Feature Documentary

Igor Gladkov A letter to the descendants (Russia)

Professional – Best Short Documentary

Pia Strømme Charlie Surfer (Norway)

Professional – TV Pilot / Web Series

Kyle Lawrence No Internet (Canada)

Professional – Best Music Video

Rafael Vidal Altabert, Julián Gómez Caballero Agapito (Spain)

Best Narrative Short Film Ages 13-18

Ksenia Astakhova Pizza (Russia)

Best Narrative Short Film Ages 12 and under

Sang-Chul Park What I want to say to you (Soth Korea)

Best Animation/Stop Motion Short Film Ages 13-18

Bára Anna Stejskalová Love Is Just a Death Away (Czech Republic)

Best Animation/Stop Motion Short Film Ages 12 and under

Creativa Space Mermaid (Estonia)

Best Web Series Ages 13-18

Maxime Chefdeville Resistance (France)

Best Documentary Short Film Ages 13-18

Nestor Kabachenko Zoomers (Russia)